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Mayur Indian Cuisine

Meal deals-

1.Choice of two veg curries with rice-$10.00 regular or large-$12.00

2.Choice of two non-veg curries with rice-$12.50 regular or large-$14.50

3.Choice of veg and non-veg (mix) curry only with rice-$11.50 regular or large-$13.50

4.Choice of any veg curry without rice- $13.50 regular or large-$15.50

5.Choice of any non-veg curry without rice- $15.50 regular or large 19.00

5.Mayur thali , any three curry with rice and a naan-$17.00 (eat in only)

6. Chole Bhature 2pc or Poori 4pc-- $12.50


Onion bhaji 1pc             $3.00 

Veg pakora 1pc              $3.00 

Veg samosa 1pc             $3.00 

Tandoori Chicken 2pc    $5.00

Chicken tikka 2pc           $5.00 


Gulab Jamun 5pc             $6.00

Mango Lassi                    $3.00

Indian Spiced Tea             $3.00

Jalebi 3pc                         $5.00

Veg curry-

Mix veg, peas potato, eggplant potato, palak paneer, chickpea masala, pumpkin masala, mutter Panner and Dal tadka.

Non veg curry-

CHICKEN-(Butter chicken,mango chicken,chicken tikka masala,chicken spinach,chicken vindaloo)

LAMB-Lamb rogan josh, lamb korma, lamb spinach

BEEF-Beef vindaloo, beef madrass, beef masala and beef Josh

Bread and other items-

Steamed basmati rice regular $2.50 and Large $3.50, garlic naan $3.00, plan naan $3.00, cheese naan $4.50, Cheese and garlic naan $4.50, Potato Naan $4.50 mango sweat chutney $3.00, mix raita $3.00, and varieties of soft drinks.